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RNAAT Nº 1222/2017


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The Algarve’s gastronomy, along with the weather, is one of the main reasons of interest in the region. There is a great contrast of flavours ranging from the sea to the countryside.

Here are some examples of typical dishes:
• Horse mackerel;
• Cataplana fish / meat / seafood;
• Leg of lamb in the oven;
• Pork with clams;
• Potatoes of corn or Xerém;
• Bean dinner;
• Broad beans at the Algarve way;
• Gaspacho / Arjamolho;
• Choquinhos à Algarvia;
• Rice with tongue;
• Grilled sardines;
• Sausages (ham and chorizo);
• Boar with nuts;
• Chicken with grain;
• …

Desserts, there is also a lot to offer:
• Dom Rodrigos;
• Doce fino;
• Fig and almond cheese;
• Fig and almond stars;
• Folar;
• Almond cake / tart;
• Carob cake / tart;
• Orange pie;
• Sweet potato pie;
• Morgado da Serra;
• …

In the interior regions, the dishes differ from the dishes served by the coast. In the interior, the dishes of pork, lamb, poultry and wild boar are more common than the fish and seafood dishes that are easily found in places closer to the sea.