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RNAAT Nº 1222/2017


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For a walk among nature, the month of April is one of the most beautiful. Spring is at its peak, the days of clear skies and mild temperatures invite you to stay outside. In the fields, the streams flow and there is an endless number of plants that we can easily observed: the rock rose, rosemary, orchids and wild lilies, poppies, cuckoo trousers, pink roses, loendreiros, among others.

What you can see during the tours:
• Harvest of carob (July, August, September);
• Take out the cork (June, July, August);
• Harvest of olives (October, November);
• Harvest of the medronhos trees (October, November);
• Herds to graze (All year);
• Beekeepers dealing with hives (All year);
• People who grow their gardens (All year).